Privacy Policy


Hampstead Photographic Society (HPS) is established with the objects set out in its
constitution, to serve the interests of its members. HPS is a data controller within the UK.
The personal information referred to in this Policy may include: the name of individuals and
their distinctions, contact details, records of entries to events, exhibitions and competitions,
attendance at meetings and such other information as may be necessary for the effective
management of the legitimate interests of HPS. Any person wishing to verify the
information held by HPS, or who can correct or update that information, may apply to the

HPS collects and uses personal information for several purposes:

Membership records

The official membership list includes contact information about current and former
members of the Society and information concerning payment of the annual subscription.
Additional information concerning a member’s participation in club activities may also be


Records are maintained of the entries submitted by members to the Society’s monthly and
annual competitions including: the photographs submitted, the scores awarded and the
allocation of any trophies or awards. Records are also maintained of any entries submitted
by the Society to any external competition (i.e. those not organised by the Society itself).
This information is held and managed subject to the specific rules or entry conditions
applicable to the competition.

Exhibitions and Events

Records are maintained of any entries submitted by members to any exhibitions and events
organised by the Society including copies of any related photographs and any fees paid.
This information is held and managed subject to the specific rules or entry conditions
applicable to the exhibition or event.

Society Newsletter

The Society newsletter contains both editorial and marketing material and may include
contact details for those submitting material for publication. It is published on the HPS
website and is viewable by anyone.

General Business

The Society may hold personal information for anyone who contacts it, or who the Society
contacts for the purpose of conducting its general business.

Data retention

General business records will normally be held for a minimum of eight years. The Society
may retain historical archives indefinitely, for example but not limited to: records of
meetings, handbooks, catalogues, awards and records relating to the general history of the

Electronic Marketing

The club will not pass personal information to outside organisations, nor will it forward or
cascade third-party marketing information by electronic means directly to members
whether requested to do so by the third-party or not. We may, however:

  • include marketing information in the club newsletter which is published on the HPS
    website, and
  • advise members of products and services which may be of interest. This will be done by a
    short note in an email, normally including a link to the related website information to which
    members may refer if they are interested.