Arek Kosacki - Storytelling Through Photography in Interior Design

10 September 2024 7:45 pm

Arek Kosacki is a passionate, aspiring interior designer who deeply believes in the transformative power of design. His journey began at UAL, where he graduated with a first-class Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.

This talk will explore the powerful role of photography in conveying the atmosphere, functionality, and emotional resonance of interior design projects. Drawing from my journey and experiences at UAL: Chelsea College of Art & Design, I will discuss techniques that enhance storytelling through interior photography and the significance of capturing the essence of a space.

This talk aims to provide your members with a deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate design concepts using photography.

Participants will gain new perspectives on interior photography, enabling them to infuse their photos with narrative depth and communicate compelling stories through their images. They will also acquire practical skills to enhance their photographic practice, ultimately leading to more impactful and meaningful images of their work.