Jo Holland - Harmony and peace… no camera… the magic of photography

23 April 2024

Introducing Jo Holland, an established artist specialising in creating visual meditations using nature, light, and photography. Empowered by yoga and meditation, Jo’s artwork exudes peace, harmony, and balance.

Jo takes an intuitive approach to photography, often foregoing the use of a camera or film in her darkroom and favouring exploring the lumen printing process or experimenting with digital techniques to capture light transmitted through and reflected off objects. Her ultimate aim is to inspire and evoke emotions in the viewer while providing a safe space for deep self-reflection and transformation.

Jo’s work centres around the natural rhythms and cycles of the cosmos, with a common theme of life, death, and rebirth. She is fascinated by the alchemical elements and magic that alternative photographic processes offer, which inspires her to create works of transcendental beauty.”