Philip Quarry - The Letterbox Fiend

4 June 2024 7:45 pm

The Letterbox Fiend


Philip Quarry is a photographer and lecturer based in the Royal Borough of Kingston on Thames, Southwest London and is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. His photographic interests are varied including buildings, macro, landscape and anything that captures his imagination. His passion has long been abstract images, particularly seeking them in the world around him, looking for the extraordinary within the ordinary. He also enjoys exploring new avenues and styles outside his comfort zone. He has had cameras since childhood, but only became serious about photography in his 20’s joining Maltby Photographic Society. His late wife, Anne, was also a beneficial influence His first ‘serious camera was a Zorki4 with a range of lenses, then through Minolta to Canon and now a Fuji XT3. He also has a Leica M6 which is a pleasure to use, though it is not used so often these days.