A Long Way South - Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica with John Nathan

24 October 2023 7:45 pm

John Nathan ARPS has been interested in photography for more than 40 years, and in particular travel photography. He  aims to provide the essence of places visited worldwide. He has travelled to the Far East several times, including China and Tibet, and travelled four times to South America. He was a member of the British Mount Everest Medical Expedition 1994. In 2008 he circumnavigated Spitzbergen, producing prints from which he was made an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. In  2010 he went to the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica. Since then, it has been Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Yellowstone in winter, Mongolia, Japan and Uzbekistan. After many years with Canon equipment John has switched to lighter less obtrusive gear, a micro four thirds system and an Olympus OMD.